May 09, 2017

Watch: Dynamic and Accessible Modeling

At KieranTimberlake, we use several mediums at one time to develop our designs. That means it's important for us to move between sketches, computer models, and physical prototypes with ease. We also want our entire team, including experts and non-experts alike, to engage with our digital models in order to derive insight from what they see and contribute to the design process. One of the tools we've tested to achieve this ideal collaboration and integration is Modelo, a web-based application for presenting 3D and virtual reality models. The results have been so positive that when the company asked us to share our experience with their product in a video, we were happy to oblige. 
To learn more about some of the other technologies we use in our design process, click here
To see more Modelo content featuring Partner Matthew Krissel's speculation on the architecture in the next 5–10 years, click here.

January 11, 2017

Watch: 2017, the Year to...

Did you know that the average low-income American can only afford to spend $5.20 on food per day? This past year, KieranTimberlake partnered with local hunger relief organization Philabundance to develop an app, called CAN-opy, that generated awareness and donations through a game that challenges users to create a balanced meal with just $5.20. In total we've raised over $10,000, but we want you to help us raise even more. Starting today, if you play our game and donate, KieranTimberlake will match your gift, up to $25,000.  
Let's make 2017 the Year to Give!  
Click here to play the game. 
Click here to donate directly to Philabundance.

January 21, 2016

Made in 2015

When we moved into our new studio last year, we loved that it gave us more room to create. Whether it's full-sized building mockups or a high-stakes maple syrup cook-off, 2015 has been a year of making for all of us at KieranTimberlake. We asked our colleagues to reflect on their most notable creative acts of the past year, and here's what they told us. How will you make the best of 2016?

June 22, 2015

Watch: Design Diffusion

KieranTimberlake partner Matthew Krissel presented on the topic of digital design culture at KA Connect 2015, a knowledge management conference for the AEC industry.  
He talked about how KieranTimberlake created a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing and innovation—with a focus on the firm's members, and their relationships to one another, rather than solely the tools they would use. By developing a formalized network of exploratory behavior in the office, team members could experiment with and even implement new technologies in a matter of months. Watch as he describes the facets of this platform at KA Connect.

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June 15, 2015

Ten New Associates at KieranTimberlake

Following on the recent announcement of five new partners, ten staff members have been named associates of the firm. As KieranTimberlake has continued to grow and take on new projects both nationally and internationally, additional leadership opportunities have emerged. These individuals have helped shape the development of the practice over the past decade. They have been recognized for their extensive design and research experience, their leadership qualities, their commitment to excellence in their work, and their service to the firm.  
Founding partner James Timberlake remarked, “Stephen Kieran and I join our new partners in welcoming the new associates to the management group of the firm. They all have been creative and active participants in advancing the firm agenda and culture. We look forward to their contributions as the firm continues to design, innovate, and invent new worlds.” 
KieranTimberlake's leadership now includes seven partners and 19 associates in an office of nearly one hundred professionals.

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May 11, 2015

Watch: A Modular Home with a View

Inspired by our book on Loblolly House, clients in California asked us to design an off-site fabricated home uniquely tuned to their steeply sloped site in the mountains of Mendocino County. The clients, a physician and a Silicon Valley electrical engineer turned artist, envisioned the home as a weekend getaway from San Francisco. It includes a 2,600 square-foot house and two free-standing studio structures of 300 square feet each.

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March 27, 2015

A Workspace That Inspires

The new KieranTimberlake studio within the historic building that once housed a bottling plant for a popular local brewery in Philadelphia.
© Michael Moran

Susan Richardson of NewsWorks/WHYY recently visited KieranTimberlake's new workspace inside the former bottling plant of the Henry F. Ortlieb brewery in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia. In her blog titled Human at Work, she discusses the ways in which the renovated plant adapts to the needs of workers, rather than asking workers to adapt to it.  
Calling the open-plan studio a "cathedral-like space," Richardson says that her favorite part is the abundant natural light spilling in at the top and the edges. She quotes founding partner Stephen Kieran as saying, "Time happens in this space...The sun moves through the space and arcs through it, beginning with the east side with a beam that moves across the floor. It's truly a spiritual experience—that abundance of natural light—that's so absent from corporate office spaces." 
The blog includes a video (after the jump) that offers a look inside the workspace and commentary from employees.

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December 20, 2013

Watch: New Lifestyles for Stone Hall

A niche along the new social corridor in the lower level of Stone Hall provides a fully wired study space as well as a comfortable place to relax. © Michael Moran/OTTO

Stone Hall is the first of Harvard's venerable Houses to undergo renovation as part of the House Renewal program. Recently, correspondent Colin Manning reported in the Harvard Gazette that students living at Stone Hall since work was completed last summer have "explored and utilized the new academic, social, and study spaces in creative ways." His article includes a video released by the university that describes the importance of reinvigorating Harvard Houses and provides a glimpse inside the pilot project. 
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November 08, 2013

Watch: Home from Rome

A sketch by Steve Kieran of the facade of the Palazzo Maccarini in Rome, one of the buildings he "disassembled" during a one-year fellowship in the city.

As part of the Home from Rome series sponsored by the American Academy in Rome, Steve Kieran delivered a lecture this week entitled "Carrying Rome." His lecture traced a passage back to his 1980-81 fellowship in Rome and its influence on thirty years of making architecture.  
While in Rome, Steve made more than 3,000 index card-sized sketches that continue to inform design at KieranTimberlake. His drawing of the Palazzo Maccarani, in particular, allowed him to disassemble the entire facade, completed in 1532, to understand how architect Giulio Romano established then flouted convention and then pointed a rhetorical finger at it (minute 24:00 in the video below). Partner James Timberlake was also a Rome fellow, in 1982-83, and the balance of art, intuition, science, and innovation that the two observed in Roman architecture led them to seek a similar balance in their own work. Steve pointed to Brunelleschi's dome in Florence as an exemplar of this equilibrium, explaining that truly compelling beauty hangs in the balance between art and science. 
Several elements of the firm's contemporary work draw upon lessons learned in Rome, including masonry walls that manage gravity and water; rainscreens (see Sidwell Friends School, Loblolly House, Brockman Hall); high-performance transparent walls (see Yale Sculpture Building, Putman Pavilion, Cellophane House, US Embassy in London); and the use of daylighting (see Quaker Meeting House and Arts Center). 
Steve noted, "Rome is still home. The insights I gained through disassembling and recording what I was seeing more than thirty years ago have remained ingrained in every facet of my life as an architect." 
Read the American Academy in Rome review of "Carrying Rome."

Watch "Carrying Rome"

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