Introducing OpenHome: a new system for designing beautifully crafted, environmentally ethical homes.

Today, as we spend more time at home, we see our homes in a new light. OpenHome, a collaboration between KieranTimberlake, Bensonwood, and Lake|Flato, helps people achieve their ideal home with a simple design process that couples pioneering design with sustainable prefab construction.  
Every OpenHome design is unique, informed by the owner's site, landscape, space requirements, and personal lifestyle. Starting with a system of pre-designed elements, owners work with architects to refine the layout, finishes, amenities, and enhancements.  
Once the plan is finished, the house components are constructed in a factory, then shipped to the build site for completion. This process yields a high-quality home efficiently assembled with little impact on the land, an idea we have explored in our work for more than thirty years. 



OpenHome lets owners work directly with architects to customize a base model with carefully selected options for finishes, amenities, and technology enhancements. Modules can be arranged to create one, two, or three-story homes with a selection of roof profiles, finishes, and exterior cladding. Architects carefully site the home to capitalize on its environment, frame views and form connections to the outdoors for an efficient, low carbon home.


Our partnership with Bensonwood dates back to Loblolly House, a concept that streamlined thousands of house parts into simple prefabricated components assembled swiftly on site. With OpenHome, we bring homeowners the same precision and craft with a seamless and low-stress process.  
OpenHome uses Bensonwood's proprietary system of thermally complete wall, floor, and roof panels, constructed with pre-installed windows and doors, designed to perform at Passive House levels. This allows customization not only of size and form, but also makes flexible arrangements possible to find the best solar orientation, natural light, and breezes. This level of site-specific customization and awareness of climate-responsive design is rare in the modular home market. 

These sample arrangements show how OpenHome can accommodate homebuyer's priorities specific to the site.


The OpenHome concept delivers an all-electric home, minimizing its energy and water consumption and delivering exceptional thermal comfort with superior indoor air quality and HEPA grade filtration. The homes feature resilient, durable materials that are healthy for both people and the planet, filling interior spaces with light and air. The tall ceilings and framed views can respond to any site's features, anywhere in the country, to maximize natural light and circulation. These low carbon footprint materials form a system with the potential for net-zero energy and passive-house living. 
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Sample Layouts

OpenHome designs are scalable from 1,000 to more than 3,000 square feet and adaptable to urban or rural settings.

OFFSET This plan separates communal spaces from private ones, adjoining them with outdoor rooms. An origami-shaped roof provides tall, light-filled spaces. 

LINE This plan uses a simple form to easily capture natural breezes and daylight. It is ideal for a modest one-story home or a large multi-story home on a narrow site.

L-SHAPE This plan connects every interior space to an outdoor room. Orienting the home in two directions creates unique relationships with the defining features of your site.


Explore the possibilities of OpenHome on Bensonwood's website, here, or contact us to get started on your very own OpenHome.  
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