July 12, 2023

KieranTimberlake Awarded Design of New U.S. Diplomatic Missions in Brussels

The new U.S. Embassy site will be in Etterbeek, Brussels. © Patrick Morgan

This week the United States Department of State announced that KieranTimberlake has been selected to design the new home for the U.S. Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium and U.S. Mission to the European Union. 
Strategically located within walking distance of Belgian government ministries, EU institutions, other foreign missions, two major parks, embassy housing, and public transportation, the selected site offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience for supporting U.S. diplomats abroad. 
KieranTimberlake's commitment to sustainability and climate action will be reflected in the design and construction process by aligning with the U.S., Belgian, and the EU's global CO2 reduction strategies and initiatives.  
The new diplomatic facilities will provide a secure, modern, sustainable, and resilient platform for U.S. diplomacy in Belgium. 
Prior design work by KieranTimberlake for the Department of State includes the U.S. Embassy in London and the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center.