July 13, 2016

New Version of Tally® is Released

Imagine you are able to gain quick insights about the environmental impact of building materials. How might it guide your design decisions? With Tally®, a Revit® plugin developed by KieranTimberlake's affiliate KT Innovations, designers can interact with and summarize life cycle data based on the materials in a Revit model, making rapid assessments not only possible, but a new best practice.

Since its release in 2013, Tally accounted for impacts from manufacturing, maintenance and replacement, and end-of-life. Since then, it has been adopted by hundreds of firms as the best way to get early and iterative life cycle analysis (LCA) information, informing material selection decisions that have real implications on a building's environmental footprint. 
The latest version provides compatibility with Revit 2017 while adding transportation and construction life cycle stages, making Tally fully compliant with the LEED v4 Whole Building LCA credit. The update extends the tool's breadth by allowing design teams to consider the environmental costs associated with delivering a material to the site while also taking into account the resources, particularly electricity, fuel, and water, consumed during construction. 
With this new layer of information, design teams can consider nuanced environmental trade-offs. Will recycled ceiling panels shipped overseas via boat have lower environmental costs than newly-manufactured ceiling panels trucked to the site from a local manufacturer? Which has less of an impact over a building's lifetime: an efficient building envelope that requires an energy-intensive construction process, or a less efficient envelope that consumes little energy during construction? As Tally is used across multiple projects, users can see how environmental impacts and design strategies respond to project-specific factors like project location, material selection, and construction methods.

Tally graphs compare the environmental impact of two different insulation options. The data is itemized in alternative ways to support a range of design questions.

Tally's data visualizations and reports give designers the means to rapidly analyze environmental impacts and compare design options within the Revit design and documentation workflow . Are you ready to bring Life Cycle Analysis into your design workflow?  
Click here to learn more about Tally or download the trial.