October 24, 2014

Greenfield Lawn Debuts at Dilworth Park

Pedestrians take an inaugural stroll across the new lawn at Dilworth Park after the dedication ceremony. Planted atop complex transit infrastructure, the lawn is essentially a green roof.

An important part of the new Dilworth Park adjacent to Philadelphia's City Hall—a 6,900 square-foot lawn—opens today on the southern end of the park. Dedicated as the Albert M. Greenfield Lawn, the green space will host a variety of public events, including open-air concerts, markets, and movies. It will be open daily as a recreation and relaxation space for people to linger with a view of the surrounding activity at the heart of Center City.

Albert M. Greenfield was an influential real estate mogul known as "Mr. Philadelphia" who became chair of the City Planning Commission under Mayor Richardson Dilworth and was responsible for much of the revitalization of the city in the 1950s.

Governor Ed Rendell makes remarks with (from left) CPDC President Edward M. D'Alba, Albert Greenfield III, Paul Levy of Center City District, and Deputy Mayor Allan Greenberger.

Among those who joined Albert M. Greenfield III and the Board of the Greenfield Foundation were Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Director of Commerce and current chair of the City Planning Commission; former Governor Edward G. Rendell, who helped champion and launch the Dilworth Park improvements during his term as governor; and Edward M. D'Alba, President of the Central Philadelphia Development Corporation. 
“We are extremely grateful to the Albert M. Greenfield Foundation for their generosity in supporting both the capital and maintenance costs for the Albert M. Greenfield Lawn,” said Paul R. Levy, President and CEO of the Center City District. “The Greenfield Lawn will offer residents, visitors, and workers a place to relax, read, or work, or just enjoy the out of doors. The lawn will also serve as an informal play area for children and as a stage for events throughout the year.”