February 27, 2018

Announcing New Roles

KieranTimberlake is proud to announce the elevation of 17 Principals, 19 Associates, four Directors, four Managers, and three Specialists. These new roles reflect the firm's steady expansion over the past 35 years as our team has grown to include 120 interdisciplinary professionals with backgrounds ranging from architecture and design to computation, urban planning, research, and visualization. Joining a leadership group that includes seven Partners, these individuals will continue to push our practice forward as they bring confidence, experience, and creativity to each of our projects.


Joanne Aitken 
Roderick Bates 
Michael Bianchi 
Stephanie Carlisle 
Andrew Cronin 
Kate Czembor 
Mark Davis 
David Feaster 
Laurent Hedquist 
Richard Hodge 
Chris Macneal 
Jon McCandlish 
Johann Mordhorst  
Tim Peters 
Marilia Rodrigues 
Ryan Welch 
Carin Whitney 


Eli Allen 
Chris Boskey 
Melissa Clark 
Andrew Evans 
David Hincher 
Trevor Horst 
Steven Johns 
Elizabeth Kahley 
Jeremy Leman 
Adam Loughry 
Jason Niebish 
Fatima Olivieri 
Murali Ramaswami 
Cooper Schilling 
Nick Sillies 
Rachel Stoudt 
Neil Stroup 
Paul Worrell 
Zinat Yusufzai 


Christopher Connock, Design Computation Director 
Peter Curry, Fabrication Director 
Shelly Noga, Finance Director 
Neil Stroup, KieranTimberlake Management System (KTMS) Director 


Camille Cazon, Communications Manager 
Aracely Coronado, Business Development Manager 
Blake Lehmann, Facilities Manager 
Nora Salzman, Human Resources Manager 


Josh Meyer, Knowledge Management Specialist 
Petar Mitev, BIM Specialist 
Jon Seagull, Visualization Specialist