January 21, 2015

Announcing Five New Partners

From left to right, Matthew Krissel, James Timberlake, Jason E. Smith, Billie Faircloth, Richard Maimon, Stephen Kieran, and David Mark Riz.  
© Ed Wheeler

KieranTimberlake is delighted to announce the elevation of five new partners at the firm. We celebrate this pivotal moment in our design practice, which has steadily grown to nearly 100 people over the 30 years since our founding in 1984. The new partners—Billie Faircloth, Matthew Krissel, Richard Maimon, David Mark Riz, and Jason E. Smith—have collectively realized dozens of award-winning projects across the country and around the world.  
Founding partners Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake are excited about continuing to develop the firm's design and research efforts with the contributions and guidance of these new partners, each of whom brings unique perspective and experience to help grow, evolve, and move the practice forward. 
"These five talented individuals who span three generations have been so instrumental to the ongoing development of the firm," remarks James Timberlake. "They bring truly exciting possibilities to broadening and expanding our thinking about design, research, and the advancement of architecture." 
Stephen Kieran comments, "The new partners have demonstrated their capacity to extend our firm and its culture of innovation into an ever-growing realm of inquiry and influence. They are leaders that are committed to asking and resolving the hard questions that move architecture forward."

About the New Partners 

Billie Faircloth

Billie Faircloth joined the firm in 2008. She directs the research efforts of the firm, pushing the practice of architecture forward through deep investigation and the invention of novel tools and methods. 

Matthew Krissel

Matthew Krissel joined the firm in 2005. He brings a unique ability to synthesize complex requirements with high design aspirations, along with a commitment to digital innovation, visualization, and knowledge sharing within the firm. 

Richard Maimon

Richard Maimon joined the firm in 1989. He creates projects that remain deeply rooted to place and culture, extending integration across disciplines to achieve the consensus needed to address some of architecture's most urgent issues. 

David Mark Riz

David Mark Riz joined the firm in 1999. He champions effective collaboration processes that lead to holistic and sustainable architecture, employing experimental construction methodologies and materials to achieve lofty environmental goals. 

Jason E. Smith

Jason E. Smith joined the firm in 1996. He has shaped some of the firm's most noted projects and the genesis of its research initiatives, promoting the integrative potential of architecture in his practice, his teaching, and his mentorship of young architects.