"The best workplaces are ones where you have connections to the outside."

– Stephen Kieran

How can we design building elements to maximize daylight and minimize glare?

The foam solar shading fin was milled out of a single piece of polyurethane using a computerized router at a fabrication lab. It was then shipped to and finished in our workshop.

The solar shading assembly drawn here represents an expanded version of previous, smaller mockups in order to create a full-sized model that offered a better comparison between the two types of proposed steel panels.

The full-sized assembly was installed outside of our workshop's glass doors to replicate on-site lighting conditions. This allowed us to assess the effectiveness of each steel panel as a solar shade.

The complete on-site visual mockup, shown here, allowed the client and design team to evaluate the shading fin alongside the proposed curtainwall.

The depth of the shading fins varies in accordance with solar exposure. The deepest fins are placed along the south and west facades, while the shallowest are located along the north facade. ©Warren Jagger Photography