"We looked at sailmaking technology to see how we might hold the plastic attached to a frame."

– Christopher Macneal

13.1 SmartWrap™ Facade Panel

How do we create a multi-layer PET wall that simultaneously provides insulation, passive ventilation, UV protection, and renewable energy?

In order to create a panel that was both strong and smooth, designers worked with a fabrication company to create a tensioning table, seen here with an early version of the SmartWrap™ prototype. The team learned that they key to wrinkle-free panels was not stretching, as originally thought, but ensuring that the plastic is flat when it's attached to the frame.

The outer walls at Cellophane House™ are formed out of seventy-four SmartWrap™ panels, each containing photovoltaic film adhered to PET and layers of ultraviolet blocking film.