"Because we are in a material world, we have to work physically to understand things, to dive deep and figure out how things go together."

– Peter Curry

11.2 Lightweight Concrete Aggregate Tests

What kind of aggregates will substantially reduce the weight of a precast concrete building element?

We built mockups with five different lightweight aggregates, and a series of twelve mixes incorporating both conventional and lightweight aggregates. Each mix was cast to determine workability, finish, and dry weight.

Because of the design and angles of the facade panel, one side of the pattern shades the other when the panel is in direct sunlight, keeping the panel, and consequently the entire building, cool.

11.3 Self-Shading Facade Forms

Which void patterns will remove unnecessary mass and reduce solar gain in precast building elements?

Various molds for form/void optimization were created to test capacity for self-shading, weight reduction, and thermal benefits.