"The idea was to completely integrate a performative acoustical system into the architecture of the building so that you couldn't tell what was architecture and what was performance."

– Stephen Kieran

5.1 Board Form Concrete Studies

How do wood species and their surface textures and treatments affect concrete casting?

The board form molds leave impressions of the wood in the concrete exterior, giving the building a sense of being a part of the surrounding woods.

The molded concrete allows designers to harness the structural advantages of concrete with the aesthetics of wood.

A variety of board widths and joint types were tested.

5.2 Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panel

Which fabrics are most effective in a suspended condition?

In this acoustic ceiling panel mockup in our studio, four fabric colors were evaluated to determine which worked best for the project's ceiling height and daylighting conditions.

5.3 Wood Slat Acoustic Wall

What type and combination of wood and acoustical material is most successful for use within a music performance hall?

The acoustic wall was inspired by the inside of a grand piano.